Crime Mapping Advantages And Disadvantages

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Police (Benefits) • The general public are the biggest critics of local police forces across the United Kingdom, Crime mapping now indicates to the General public that police forces are actively policing local communities and working to mitigate risks. Crime mapping is an exceptional tool for hearts and minds between the police force and general public. Crime mapping permits police forces to determine which locations require additional support in means of allocating man-power or security systems. Crime mapping enables police forces to inform the public of any changes within the community. Police (Disadvantages) • Crime mapping is open source information which anyone can access online, adversaries included. Crime mapping will aid adversaries in planning and earmarking criminal activities based on the information provided online. Adversaries can clearly see where police forces are most active and which locations are targeted more often. Adversaries can therefore target the same locations due to poor base line security measures from local police, residents and companies, or target locations where police activity is minimal. Crime mapping is man power intensive and requires additional support updating the system with real time information. Politicians (Benefits) • Crime mapping allows politicians to locate…show more content…
Stake holders can benefit from crime mapping by receiving real time security updates of local areas, assisting basic threat assessments to determine where significant risks are most prominent and, will support local intelligence agencies in understanding risk locations. However, permitting crime mapping as an open source research tool can also be a disadvantage. Open source allows every member of the public access including adversaries. I feel the biggest victims of crime mapping will be local businesses, police forces and the general

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