Crime In The Bahamas Essay

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Crime is prevalent all over the world and many nations, especially those of small statute, struggle with combatting crime. In an initiative to decrease high crime rate many countries have taken countless steps towards crime prevention. One step in crime prevention is recruiting police officers from foreign nations to assist another nation’s government in battling crime. Several countries have taken this initiative and it has proven effective in numerous cases. Like most of the world, The Bahamas has not yet fully tackled the issue of crime. This is especially evident in the nation’s capital, New Providence. On this island the murder count regularly surpasses 100 individuals annually. For a country of less than 400,000 people this places us…show more content…
Like many governmental structures around the world, some Bahamians struggle at times with being upright and just in decision making once they are placed in position of authority. This is truer for police officers than most other positions of power excluding politicians. It is not uncommon to hear of police brutality towards suspects in violent crimes, especially in the capital. In a 2013 Bahamas Human Rights Report it is stated “On April 4, a defense attorney accused a police officer of beating her client until he confessed to a 2010 murder. She further alleged that the only evidence linking her client to the crime was his disputed confession” (2). This is an example of the hundreds of complaints received by the Complaints and Corruption Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force annually. Officers are rarely charged in assault cases against suspects while in custody. By bringing in foreign officers for short periods corruption is less likely to occur or not at all. Most officers would feel as if they would have to perform at their best to set an example to “outsiders”. Partaking in corrupt activities around visiting officers would be risky since it would send a negative depiction of Bahamian police officers to the rest of the world. The consequences of exposing a corrupt nature to outside guests would be much too high for any Bahamian officer to

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