Crime Scene Investigation Case Study

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This paper will explain how the evidence obtained during the investigation was legally obtained and used in this case by law enforcement investigators. In this paper it will discuss the crime scene investigation, steps and strategies involved in this investigation, the interview of all involved with the case and counter defenses to suppress the evidence by the defense.

Reflections This case was very well handled from all involved from the first responding officer on the scene to the investigators. This was shown by the steps taken from the beginning starting with securing the scene with crime tape and additional patrols units until investigators arrived. Then the attention to detail for recording the crime scene by using
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The investigators started with photographs and videotaped from both the ground and air. These picture and video along with the sketches of the areas would make it easier to recreate the crime scene if required by the prosecution. The investigators started at the parking lot and worked forward until they reached the victims body, which had already been examined by the Chief Medical Examiner. The investigator made note of the position of the body and based on the position they judge that she was dragged by her feet and ankles. At this point the investigator, check the body where they found multiple stab wounds to the neck and abdominal regions and once in the upper back. The clothing worn by the victim was documented and shown to have been rolled up the t-shirt had only two holes located in the back and base of the throat. This told the investigators the she was stabbed multiple times after being dragged into the wood line. The victims clothing was found in a nearby bush. During the investigation of the crime scene, investigators found two skullcaps that where near the body and tied together. At the crime scene, the victims’ body had marks on the feet and ankles, which were swabbed for trace material. These skullcaps were collected as evidence. This analysis of the evidence at the crime scene made by the investigator is a sound. They used the evidence and were able to see how the crime had taken place from the…show more content…
Chain of physical custody or control (a) "Chain of custody" defined. - In this part: (1) "Chain of custody" means: (i) The seizing officer; (ii) The packaging officer, if the packaging officer is not also the seizing officer; and (iii) The chemist or other person who actually touched the substance and not merely the outer sealed package in which the substance was placed by the law enforcement agency before or during the analysis of the substance; and (2) "Chain of custody" does not include a person who handled the substance in any form after analysis of the substance.
This law states because the chain of custody began when the police officer took control over the evidence and there for it cannot be dismissed for failure to maintain chain of

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