The Csi Effect Summary

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Crime Scene Investigation has become very popular on television. In the article “The CSI Effect” by Richard Willing, the author talks about how much criminal investigation television shows effect people. He explains how they have affected the way jurors are selected because of the evidence people expect to see. People tend to expect more evidence, when convicting someone, because of what they watch on television. “Prosecutors also have complaints: They say the shows can make it more difficult for them to win convictions in the large majority of cases in which scientific evidence is irrelevant or absent” (Willing, 30). Willing also mentions how popular the CSI type shows have become. “CSI and a spinoff, CSI: Miami (which is about to begin its third season), have drawn an average of more than 40 million viewers a week during the past TV season.” (Willing, 62). Lastly, Willing points out how many more students have been drawn to the forensic science field due to these types of shows. Television shows deeply influence their viewers. “The Ellen Show,” a comedy talk show, has brought a lot of positivity to my life for a number of reasons. It makes me laugh, causes me to want to be a better…show more content…
The Ellen Show has affected my life in positive ways such as it is able to make me laugh, making me want to be a better person, and bringing me joy. Ellen is a very humorous person so the things she does never fail to make me laugh. She is always spreading her kindness to others. As a result, all the nice things she does makes me want to be a better person. Also, she is always bringing me joy and happiness because of all the nice things she does. Ellen loves to help other people and that is what brings me joy. Television shows have a large effect on the people who watch them no matter what kind of show they’re
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