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A number of criminal movies increases every year. There are dozens of films and videos where actors investigate various murders and catch criminals. After watching 21st episode of the seventh season of the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, I understand that not every case can be solved easily. Unfortunately, I have seen some cases on TV where suspects have not been arrested even though they were guilty. In such cases, FBI agents begin to build their own idea of crime and even put it in the place of crime to think what they would do in the same situation. The 21st episode is called "Happy Ending", and it is an investigation of the murder of a former boxer named Lorenzo Morales with a nickname “Happy”. In this episode four suspects were found…show more content…
She has worked for the club as a dancer for a long time. Dreama, in the beginning of the crime, lied that she had nothing to do with the ex-boxer murder. Although she was saying how bad Morales was as a man, it seems like she was a real murderer. It is obvious that Lorenzo Morales was not a benevolent man, but all the malice was coming from Dreama. She was in love with the bartender Corner, and had him to help her to kill Morales. Whenever Morales fell asleep, the dancer told Corner to inject him twice with snake venom. Enamored bartender has given him double shot by following her orders. Throughout the investigation, she decides to tell the truth to an FBI agent how the whole story was going on. She confessed that she happened to hit the ex-boxer with a nailer, to tell Corner to inject him with poison. It is obvious that her actions considered as a self-defense, but she was not the only victim. Moralez has offended all working girls there, and none of them were safe. For example, in the episode, there is a moment when a policeman searching a girls’ room finds plenty of things for self defense. After all, it was only in such cases that experienced investigators succeeded in finding Dreama’s nailer with the engraving "Made in China" from the hit, which was found on Moralez’s face. It is clear that she is not a professional assassin because she left all the evidences in her room. There was the nailer that was found under the

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