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that allowed for “one police offer who shall be a woman”. She was to handle juvenile and female cases and to investigate what led them to take part in crimes (Horne, Peter).
Regardless of which woman is truly considered to be the “first” female police officer, both paved the road. They proved how important it is for women to be part of the law. As of 2007, women made up about 12 percent of the officers in local police departments and 6.5 in state departments. A survey in 2008 revealed that there were about 212 female police chiefs. Approximately thirty percent of active United States district or trial court judges are women. In 2012, women lawyers made up 31 percent of all lawyers in the U.S. (Writer, Leaf Group). Although it is not as much
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One choice from the Law Enforcement area of this field would be a CSI. This is probably one of the most well-known jobs because of all the television shows. However, these shows do not portray the crime scene process to all its truth. A Crime Scene Investigator is hired as a police officer or civilian. They are the ones who recognize crime scenes, documents the scenes and process any evidence they have gathered and send it to the crime lab. Their salary ranges from $20k- $50k, education level varies depending on agency and the experience needed depends also, but previous crime scene experience is preferred. Some skills that are needed by a CSI are teamwork, communication, writing, observation, and honesty (Echaore-McDavid, et al.). Many people confuse CSI’s and detectives. Detectives are the ones that come in after the CSI’s give them the okay to, but they do work closely together. A detective collects information processed by the crime scene investigator that in turn should help them apprehend the perpetrator of the crime. Their job includes, but is not limited to, conducting interviews, locating missing persons and criminal suspects, examining records, writing detailed reports and occasionally making arrests. Police investigators and private investigators salaries differ, but the basic combined range is $26,920 - $128,690+. A Bachelor’s Degree with subjects of Government, History and Psychology is the minimum required education level. It is also required to have experience as a police officer for at least three to five years. (Detectives.) Without Detective Allan Pinkerton, one of the earliest detectives, President Lincoln could have been assassinated during a stop on the way to his inauguration. Unfortunately, he was assassinated after Allan returned to the agency he founded and the Secret Service was created (The New Nation (1790-1828) – Pinkerton). This is one example of how

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