Mobile Crime Scene Analysis

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Mobile crime scene investigation team plays a vital role to sorting varied important and sensational crimes in Rajasthan (India). it's vital that the crime scene investigator acknowledge that physical proof recovered from these scenes could extend well on the far side the conveyance itself. the character of the crime could offer the investigator a thought of the kind of proof gift. within the gift paper, a sensational case within the history of Rajasthan rhetorical Science, during which four members of a family were found, died at their residence. Primarily, police were underneath quandary that the members of the family were committed suicide, or the incident was manipulated by the criminal i.e. they registered the case underneath 174 CrPC.…show more content…
Oftentimes, proof tells a story associated helps an investigator re-create the crime scene and establish the sequence of events. If analysed and taken properly, physical proof is additional reliable than testimonial proof; testimonial evidence is additional subjective in nature [2]. Physical proof is objective and once documented, collected, and preserved properly could also be the sole thanks to dependably place or link somebody with against the law scene. Physical proof is thus usually observed because the “silent witness” [2]. within the case of suspicious death, the investigation officer/forensic authority ought to decide the character of death, that might be self-destructive, bloody or accidental because the silent witness. throughout investigation of a suspicious death case needs the best efforts on the a part of the rhetorical skilled United Nations agency has visited the crime scene. At such crime scenes, it's typically better of the worst, a homicide. Even if, circumstances offer the overwhelming appearances of suicide or accident, the investigation ought to be conducted thoroughly the maximum amount as potential [3,4]. typically culprits try and convert the direction of investigation. within the gift case, neither any special physical proof nor any…show more content…
This helped in nabbing the criminal. Therefore, scientific examination of crime scene is that the primary, essential and most important step towards investigation of crime [6]. The scene of crime and laboratory findings was confirming. additionally to those, post mortem report additionally discovered intra blood vessel injection marks on the hand of all deceased. of these evidences cumulatively counsel that the perpetrator should be medically trained person. supported these results, the investigation officer of the case was enlightened and guided consequently, and therefore the eldest son of the deceased family was interrogated. He had no account our findings and confessed that he planned the murder since long before. He dead his set up on it day by injecting anesthesia followed by poison by taking all the deceased in confidence and honestness that every one the injections ar just for vaccination purpose. He additionally confessed the motive of crime that he desires to sale the paternal house to induce financial

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