Summary: Necessary Use Of Crime Data

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The other necessary use of crime data is the allocation of funds and justice assistance. The formulation of policies requires the identification of issues, measuring how important the issues are, given their impact and magnitude and finally developing strategies to address them. On the other hand, implementing the policy means deciding on the whether it is appropriate, encouraging the masses to adopt it, and finding the resources needed to further it. In view of that, crime data plays a huge role in allocation of funds and justifying policies especially in the criminal justice system. However, it is important to note that crime statistics are not the only determining factors when it comes to which policies are put in place mainly because of…show more content…
Their use of crime statistics may be different from other groups. The sole purpose of a business is to protect its stakeholder’s interest and make profits. In the eventuality that the company does not feel particularly safe to perform its business operations in a specific area, it is most likely that it will not invest in that area. Unless of course, the business is a security firm. For this reason, businesses would like to feel safe to invest, and they, therefore, use crime information to acquire knowledge about a region’s extent and nature of crime-related problems to know whether to expand or start their operations there. Some businesses, however, may use crime data to their advantage. For example, companies that manufacture and distribute burglar alarms or antitheft gadgets may use the information to target their market. Except for security firms and others selling security-related products, most organizations use the data themselves to protect themselves against theft, burglars and other…show more content…
Therefore as part of the conclusion, it is important to touch on some of the remaining uses. Statistics assists in categorizing crime into various social communities with the more common groups committing crime are selected, and more focus can be directed towards them. Crime incorporates many social issues for example gender, age, poverty concerns, and race. Being aware of such problems enables people to comprehend their origins which allows for a more in-depth analysis to be performed (“Modernizing Crime Statistics”, 2018). Through the use of criminal statistics, theories can be formed on the different social groups. For example, a crime statistic such as increasing violent crimes can be used together with existing theories that investigate such behaviors. Using the theories as foundations, the government will be in a better position to know the root of the problem and therefore produce more focused and productive policy measures to curb the issue. Aside from the well-planned and executed policies, the state will be able to implement long-term goals through making future projections. By doing so, use of crime statistics will become more useful since the underlying causes of crime such as illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty are dealt with. Therefore, crime statistics go along way in giving people and the society a feeling of well-being and serving as a guideline for the creation

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