Crime: The Relationship Between Poverty And Crime

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Crime: The Relationship between Poverty and Crime

The drastic increase in Crimes witness in the recent years has the roots. Both in social as well as material conditions. Crime is undeniably a vast issue in any society. Crime today is very rampant and is at an ultimate high which the world is slowly falling apart. You may think and ask yourself, “What is happening in our world today?” The world is not as easy as it seem to be. Crime is greatly affecting our communities. Many may suggest that there is only one main cause of crime, I’ve selected this interesting topic to inform my audience that there is more than one cause, in fact there are many causes of crime. My research question will be the following: What are the three most common
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A question at first may seem unanswerable, because as a society we can never find the exact cause of such worldwide problems. Crime and poverty have been around from time was time and there is no doubt that crime is on the increase in the world. During these decades the world has had an outbreak of crime and violence and it appears to be at its peak. One of the reasons for the increase in crime is the increase of poverty. Starting from the 1970’s, studies in The United States of America (USA) pointed more and more at the link between poverty and crime. What reveals the unmistakable connection between poverty and crime is that they’re both geographically concentrated. Meriam Webster dictionary defines poverty as “a level of personal or family income is below which one is classified as poor according to governmental standards.” In major cities poverty affects an average of twenty percent of the population; in poverty stricken communities affects an astounding thirty five percent (35%) of the population; nationwide the lion’s share of poverty belong to the various minorities, with one exception. This makes poverty one of the costliest, most widespread problems facing our society…show more content…
Conservatives have always pointed out that this is an absurd argument, because we know that there man madrassas in Muslim countries around the world that have imams who brainwash children and teach them to hate non-Muslims whiles fighting and killing them is the noble thing to do. Research shows that Muslims who grow up with wealth and a proper education are more likely to commit acts of terrorism than their poorer and less educated peers. In the black community, poor kids aren’t necessarily being brainwashed, but instead are being taught nothing at all, which can be just as dangerous, because these kids are influenced by their peers and what they see in the popular culture, which is

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