Crime Victims Rights Analysis

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Crime victims have been affected by federal crimes such as rape, assault, in some states burglary and homicide. The Crime Victims’ Rights Act of 2004contains rights important in protecting the victim from the perpetrator, giving accurate and timely information about notifications on public court or complaint procedures, payments or compensations for the victims and witnesses (Doyle, 2008). A victim mainly seeks for justice, fairness, dignity and respect. Knowledge of these rights through the provided systems like the Victim and witness notifications is effective as it enables the victims to receive justice in the right and immediate time. It reduces pain since the victims are somehow assured of being addressed and their complaints resolved.…show more content…
It ascertains the victim that he or she will have a hearing in court or the parole boards. It is useful in preparations of the available evidences and the personal statements that may be required during the court proceedings (Ponton, 2009). In some of the states, lateness can lead to cancellation or postponement of the hearing hence the victim will suffer from late justice. This is unfair and retrogressive as some standards hold that justice delayed is justice that is being denied to the victim. However this may be important to victims who may be unavailable for the court proceedings due to unavoidable circumstances. The right to participate or attend the criminal justice proceedings by the crime victims and their families may include the right to attend the trial, sentencing or the parole hearing of the perpetrator. It is the right of the victims to participate in the proceedings to have assurance of the process. Of importance and significance also is that they may note the counsel’s argument as well as weigh in the different reactions from the jury and
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