Crimes And Consequences Of Deviance And Crime In Society

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INTRODUCTION The case study shows, a 17 years-old teenager was arrested after footage of an armed robbery done by the teenager in Ara Damansara went viral on social media. The two women who alleged being mugged was in their Perodua Myvi car when the teenager suddenly stop the victims in Jalan PJU 1A/4 Ara Damansara with his Honda Civic ES 1.7. Using parang as his weapon the teenager told the victims to take out their hand bags and hand phone but they got away before he able snatch their belonging. According to OCPD Assistance Commissioner Mohd Zani Che Din, the teenager was arrested by Serdang police in Enggang Apartment, Bandar Kinrara, Puchong at about 10 am. He also holds eight crimes records before that and the car he used during the robbery also a stolen car.
Deviance can be defined as violation of cultural norms that have been agreed by majority of the community meanwhile crime can be defined as a wrong against what society think as law and violation of it is subject to punishment by the society. From the case study, the teenager has committed both deviance and crime. Deviance is where the teenager violated the social norms of how a member of a society should behave in given context. As a member of a society the teenager need to respect the property right of an individual and should not robbed them. Crime is committed when the teenager bring harm to the victims while trying to robbed them. But, not all deviance is considered crime. What we considered

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