Criminal Accurate Criminal Profiling

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Criminal profiling has been and will important to both the court system and law enforcement. Profiling helps police by limiting the field of investigation by providing what kind of individual is most likely to commit a crime focusing on the type of behavior and characteristics. It consist of a collection of leads, and is described as an educated guest or attempt to provide certain information about a specific type of suspect (Geberth, 1981). It is also a way of providing behavioral patterns, trends and tendencies. Law enforcement has used behavioral forensic for many years for solving crimes by creating psychological profiles of criminals. Criminal profiling can help local law enforcements manage criminal events that might need specific investigation.…show more content…
Normally, the profile provides a list of information intended to help law enforcement agencies in their investigation of a crime. The main focus of the criminal profile is on the social and behavioral characteristics of the killer. Some authorities perceive criminal profiling as a combination of brainstorming, intuition and educated guesses, however, the criminal profiling process is far more complex than that. Accurate profiling requires a careful compilation of theories and premises from psychology, sociology, psychiatry and criminology. Each of these subfields makes a different contribution to the criminal…show more content…
I choose this model due to the connection that law enforcement can process when it comes to crime scenes. This model consist of comparing evidence such as physical evidence, motivation, victimology, and signature behaviors. It is important in criminal profiling because of the behavior similarities and differences. It's important for law enforcement to identify criminal profiling and know the differences when identifying the pattern of the profiler. Ethically if you have someone who is working the case, but fail to include important information because he or she may be a childhood friends can totally mislead law enforcement in the case. Without the proper details, or omitted details, the data will be vague and criminal profiling will be
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