Criminal And Criminal Law: The Purpose Of Law

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The purpose of law is that it is to maintain public order and social order in the country to ensure peace and security and to provide protection for people’s right such as life, liberty and property. Law can be distinguished between criminal and civil law. The criminal law is also known as public law which is designed to enforce or prevent certain types of behavior which can cause harm to society and to punish the offenders. If a person is charged for an offence under the criminal law, the state will intervene to prosecute the offender. If the person is found guilty of a crime, he will be punished by the state. On other hand, the civil law or private law governs the relationship between individuals or organizations in society. However, it also includes a contract and tort law. Contract law is basically a voluntary agreement between parties outlining their responsibilities and rights. Tort law governs situation where one person has harmed or injured another person. Though there is no agreement between them the law imposes a duty on a person not to cause harm to another. The purpose of criminal law is to punish those found guilty for their acts that affect society, e.g. murder or theft. Besides that, criminal law provides machinery by which the state may take action against the offenders. Basically, since crimes are offences against society, the state or Crown will investigate and prosecute the criminals.The victim generally does not play the role in the decision to
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