One With A Criminal Conviction Should Never Be A Teacher?

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Is your first instinct to say one with a criminal conviction should never be a teacher? Why or Why Not? Discuss. I personally feel a person who holds a criminal background should be able to be a teacher under the following conditions: criminal conviction was due to a minor infraction, the quantity of convictions is minimal, and the conviction did not occur recently. Minor infractions can included the following: drug possession, petty theft, and driving under the influence (DUI). The quantity of convictions should be limited to no more than two incidents. Finally, the criminal conviction should not be a recent event, as this may indicate the individual is at higher risk for a repeat criminal offense. As mentioned in the book Legal Rights…show more content…
What could you, as an administrator (if anything) do to mitigate the response? Speaking from a parental lens I would be concerned if I learned that my child’s teacher was convicted of a DUI on several occasions. I would be concerned of the safety and wellness of my student’s education and would demonstrate apprehensiveness towards field trips. As a parent you do what ever is necessary to protect your child. One of the scariest moments as a parent was when I dropped my child off to school on her first day of kindergarten. It was at that moment I had to put my trust in a complete stranger, as they would take care of my child for the next seven hours. I would imagine the parents would contact the administration to seek additional information deeming the teacher as competent. As an administrator I would listen to the concerns of the parents. In addition, I would let them know that all teachers are observed/evaluated to ensure the students are receiving proper instruction. Lastly, I would advise them to contact administration if any additional concerns arise. Educators, administrators, and support school personnel have the great honor of serving today’s youth. We must always protect the students, ensuring their safety as if they were our own, and we must listen to the concerns of all key stakeholders for we serve the
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