Criminal Court Reflection

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Criminal Justice is the study of social control and the agencies that are involved in the apprehension, prosecution, defense, sentencing, incarceration, and supervision of those suspected or charged with or convicted of criminal offences. Throughout our study of this section, we learn a lot of the Criminal Justice System and all the agencies, organizations, and personnel that are involved in the prevention and response to criminals and to persons charged or convicted of criminal offences or convicted of crimes. Upon my visit to the criminal court of Surrey, I learned many new aspects and perspectives of the courtroom, that I had never come across before, and so throughout my report, I will be discussing my observations and experiences in the courtroom. As I entered the court, I came to acknowledge the court room and it’s set up, as it was all quite new to me, as I had never experienced it…show more content…
I came across many surprises throughout my experience in the court room, as I got to learn a lot of things I had no previous knowledge of before. I was quite surprised to see how quick and thorough the entire process was. Prior to my visit I’d always expected courtrooms to be a lot like shows on TV, in which the court contains a very serious mood, and everything is very long and elaborated and easy to understand. But upon my visit I came to enter the room and sit along 3 different trials, quite shocking as I walked in expecting it to take about an hour or more. I also found it hard to follow what was being said in court due to the many abbreviations that are used to support conviction types, and so that was quite tricky to follow. I was also quite surprised to see the judge with such an uplifting and content spirit, as I had always expected them to be quite snarly and rude. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in court and hope that one day I can be a part of it, as more than just the
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