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A career as a criminal defense lawyer provides an opportunity to help others, restore justice to those in need, and prove specific point to others. To begin with, criminal defense lawyers are people who investigate cases or do interviews, research all aspects of the law according to the crime, building a defence and a strategy to use in the courtroom, as well as drafting, filing, and arguing motions or appeals (Kane). These are just a few out of the hundreds of thing criminal defense lawyers do on a daily basis. They also examine evidence and interpret it to assist in defending their clients and arguments (“Criminal”). Criminal cases that these lawyers participate in include domestic violence crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, drug crimes,…show more content…
These skills are also a requirement for becoming a criminal defense lawyer. Without these specific skills one would be unable to be a successful criminal defense lawyer. With being a criminal defense lawyer, there are many stresses that are placed such as having to always help others, even when it seems impossible to do so, having long work hours, there is little time for a social life, as well as feeling overwhelmed with the multiple tasks given daily. This could lead to many complications such as drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety and other obstacles (Bell-Rehwoldt 34). Due to these difficulties that tag along with being a criminal defense lawyer, many individuals do not wish to have this occupation or even quit their current job. Alternative occupations consist of arbitrators, judges and hearing officers, postsecondary teachers, paralegals and legal assistants (“Lawyers”,…show more content…
For example, students need to attend law school for at least three years or it can take up to five years as a part time student (Bell-Rehwoldt 23). individuals need to first obtain a Juris Doctor or a J.D. degree in order to become a lawyer as well as additional training may be enforced to help further sharpen their skills and knowledge in law (Echaore-McDavid 27). It is important to do extra training because then obtaining this occupation would be easier since most people look for those who go above and beyond. Speaking of which, some students get additional degrees such as the Business Administration degree to help with certain aspects of law (Bell-Rehwoldt 24). Most lawyers study in certain areas such as business or family to obtain more background knowledge about that specific lawyer career. Once these individuals graduate, they must pass the state bar test, also known as the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) or the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), in order to become a lawyer (“Criminal”). After these students pass these tests, they do not typically start out as a lawyer, these people usually start out as a prosecutor or a public defender (Kane). These individuals do this to help advance in their career as a lawyer because then they would have a background history in working with the law. Special requirements or skills needed for this occupation include applying for

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