Criminal Justice Assignment

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The internet site I chose for this assignment is The National Institute of Justice. It is a government run website, which I could identify because the end of the site’s hyperlink ended in .gov. There is an abundance of information on this website including topics such as corrections, forensics, drugs and crime, victims/victimization, and more. There are also links to information that include multimedia, publications, and events (Clark, 2010). To continue, I found that there are a couple of sources of information the site uses such as crime solutions and other websites that helps one understand the information they are reading that much better. Each topic has a number of sources available a click away toward more research and related articles…show more content…
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of counseling treatment for any kind of offender. These individuals include adult/juvenile offenders, violent offenders, and even substance abuse offenders (Clark, 2010). These individuals were all mentioned in the book at some point. It is imperative to understand what type of counseling works with each individual and how to make them a better person. I also learned through the site more about recidivism. The statistics provided by the site to understand the rate of revadim was shocking. I learned more than I originally thought I knew, and more from the National Institute of Justice website. The site gave positive insight about criminal justice professionals working with populations in treatment settings. The article I read about Cognitive Therapy mentioned how therapy given to offenders by professionals were positive, even in offenders with the most high risk behavior. The website continues with informations on how professionals work to help offenders reenter society as a better person with the help of family, friends, supportive systems and continues…show more content…
It could give new insight to studies and research that have been done to help offenders come back into society as a better person. The professional has a number of links to pull vital information from such as statistics and different viewpoints on certain subjects. It also provides funding information that a professional could be interest in as well. This site may not be the best for offender in my opinion. It offers information about prisons, treatments, and other topics I mentioned before. It offers research and loads of information but not entirely for the offenders benefit. I did find a couple of links for drug treatment that could be a great savior for an offender who happens to be on this site. That was the only link I found that could benefit an offender who is researching the National Institute of Justice website. However, I believe this website is great for an average citizen. The information provided is explained thoroughly, but not to the point where it is difficult to understand. The data clearly provides an average citizen with new information and even ways to get involved with events and seminars the site
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