Criminal Justice Drug Treatment Essay

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Drug treatment is a way for people to receive help that they need to not be addicted to a substance that has taken over their life. Many people get the treatment that they need after they get in trouble by the law. For instance, the criminal justice system is the largest primary source of treatment accounting for thirty-six percent referrals for all clients tracked in Treatment Episode Data Set. The parole and probation account for forty-seven percent of all criminal justice referrals and the federal and state courts accounting for seventeen percent of referrals. The only problem with the criminal justice system to offer treatment for people who are addicted to a substance is the concern for cost. The first treatment has been determined to…show more content…
This treatment relies on peer support within the offender’s treatment community to encourage each participant to act according to the value that are associated with prosocial rather than criminal behavior. The drug treatment is not only reducing drug use but also criminal use as well. (Simpson, 2009, p. 71). Another way to help people in America get treatment or prevent the addiction before it happens is not by just educating people on the dangers of drugs and alcohol but intense education for minorities. Intense education for minorities are now available only to those who work for companies with broad medical insurance coverage, these companies can readily afford to enroll in these elite and expensive clinics, assured that their employers ' insurance companies will pick up most of the bill. (issues & Toby, 1985, p.1). If we get this intense education where anyone could do, we might be able to really touch people’s life and help them understand the dangers. These treatment programs provide intense instruction to the patient on the consequences of continued substance abuse, on how to avoid temptation and on the importance of joining support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous to keep the bad habit permanently

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