Criminal Justice History

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Criminal Justice has been within the United States for a very long time, in fact criminal justice has been around ever since there were criminals around. That being said, criminal justice has not always been the same and has been changing drastically. All the way back from the colonial times to present day. This research paper will cover the history that follows the criminal justice system and how exactly we 've gotten to where we are today within law enforcement. To start things off first we will look at the introduction into colonies starting from 1776 to present day. The year of 1776 also known as the thirteenth colonies, it is the year a group of British colonies on the east coast of the united states declared independence and formed…show more content…
Some of the punishments that can be found were Stocks, Pillory, Whipping Post, Ducking Stool, Fines and Bind outs (SCORE). Stocks were defined as a wooden frame with holes cut within for the individual to have there ankles locked in, sometimes also being there wrist. (SCORE) The individual would sit for days enduring the outside weather usually dying from such exposure. Pillory is a lot similar to stocks, however the individual would be standing with there head and hands lock in a wooden frame (SCORE). The punishment was used for public humiliation, it was often the individual would have food or some sort of object thrown at them as well. Whipping post can be defined exactly like its name, the individual would be tied to a post and whipped in front of the public (SCORE). Ducking stool was an invention made where an individual would be seated on a chair and dunked into water (SCORE). This punishment can be related a lot to the similar punishment known as water boarding. Fines is sort of the same punishment that we use today in our current society, depending on the crime the more money you would have to pay. Bind out, a law for children who would be punished by being sold to a servant for many years to work off the crime (SCORE). These were only a few of the punishments that you could find during the colonial period in the United…show more content…
Now in today 's society speaking for the United States, everything that has been pretty much discussed throughout the paper, is now invalid. Many laws have been created to stop such acts. For example the Bill of Rights is now very much more enforced. There 's no more cruel and unusual harassment, at least it is very unheard throughout the present time in the united states. In general, the world now is much more safer and practice a lot more efficient ways then the colonial periods or roman empire. However there are still countries in the world whom have still lacked the appropriate government control and still practice a lot of the ancient ways. For example there is still slavery in Africa, Iran still practices public executions, and Saudi Arabia still practices cruel and unusual punishments such as eye gauging (Grant). My conclusion to the history of the criminal justice system. I believe that the changes that many generations have endured, have changed for the good. If it wasn’t for them, we most likely wouldn’t be where we are today. The years falling back to 1776 were years of strangeness, experimenting, understanding and cruelness. Years that have impacted the United States in such a way, they will remain with us forever. However now we can live in a society where we live together. Now we live in a society where no one is judged depending on ethnicity. We also now live in a society with some of the best law
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