Criminal Justice Internship Essay

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Over the past three and a half years I have spent my life studying in school. I have studied for hours and hours about the field of criminal justice; the reason it exists, its history and development, theories that are used to explain topics in criminal justice, and cases that have been monumental in changing the way that criminal justice works. While all of these are great to learn about the field of criminal justice itself cannot be learned from reading textbooks and memorizing theories. This is why I am interested in an internship with the Griffin Police Department. I want to learn how the criminal justice system is in action, how things actually play out outside of the scholastic setting. It is easy to learn about a subject from a book, but it is an entirely different matter to learn about a subject through real life experience. I hope to learn how to serve and protect while implementing the law correctly, especially in today’s world when the level of support for police officers is very low and the level of misconduct cases concerning the police are very high. It is not easy to know what to do in every situation, especially when some reactions are needed with very little or no time to think about. It is one thing to hear about a crime happening and the response that would be best to give, and another thing to need …show more content…

I look forward to seeing the different ways that officers deal with cases and the same or different outcomes that they lead to. Griffin Police Department has done a very good job of dealing with a lot of hard cases, but not falling into the trap of police corruption or police brutality. I am interested to see what sets the Griffin Police Department aside from other cities, which have a similar crime rate, but suffer from police corruption and police

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