Criminal Justice Obstacles

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Throughout the criminal justice system, there will be a lot of obstacles you come across. There is a system in which everything flows correctly and the system needs to stay the way it has always been. There is also a handful of people that helps make the system work. The offender will always deal with these things as he or she goes through the criminal justice system. This essay will help everyone understand the criminal justice system and everything that comes with it. Also, with the criminal justice system there are 3 parts which include police, courts, and corrections. Police are the ones who enforce the law, investigate crimes, and apprehend offenders. Corrections include carrying out sentences imposed by the courts and they also provide safe and humane custody and supervision of offenders. Courts are to conduct fair and impartial trials and they also decide criminal cases. Each of these parts have different people in them that each offender will see as they go through the system. This system works with the help of everyone working together. During the criminal justice system there will be a lot of people who you come across. I’m only going to talk about a few in this essay today. In the court system you will meet a judge and he or she is elected or appointed public official who holds ultimate authority in the courtroom. Another person is the defense counsel which is an attorney trained in the practice of criminal law whose task is to represent the accused at trial. In the police system there is a person called a bailiff, which is an…show more content…
The 3 parts of the criminal justice system have everything that everyone needs. The police, court and corrections work together. The offender flows through the criminal justice system the proper way and they also meet everyone. Everyone deals with such a rough thing when going through the system, but it’s made to help people and change
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