Criminal Justice Organization Case Study

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Criminal Justice Organization The criminal justice organization discussed in this paper is the Common Wealth of PA Department of Human Services through Beaver County Assistance Offices (CAO). The CAO determines and regulates the eligibility for cash assistance, medical assistance, and food stamp benefits (Compass). This paper will identify recent changes that have occurred in the CAO.
Planned organization Change The first concept that pertains to the CAO involves planned organization change. Planned organization change occurs when a conscious effort to bring change to an agency by careful analysis of the mission, goals, and problems (Stojkovic, 2015, p. 418). This change requires the decision makers to come to a rational decision and requires first overcoming organizational decision-making routines, such as solutions. The CAO is definitely all planned organization changes, which are made by the
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This will benefit the clients due to the elimination of face-to-face or personal contact. However, changing to processing centers will eliminate the ongoing caseloads and personal communication. The proposal will open doors for clients to fraud the system easier. There is much resistance from employees so far, along with the union. The resistance is seen through phone calls and emails.
The CAOs and Union Reps have used research in preparing for the change. The surely have researched and reviewed numbers of applications, electronic, mail-ins, and walk-ins before making the plan. They have also probably reviewed salaries in an attempt to avoid cutting clients benefits. They researched trying to eliminate seventy positions, which will include salaries and paid benefits.
The governor and Treasury use knowledge of operations in the CAOs walk-in interviews and applications, processes that can be handled by mail and online, also to determine what number staff need to be in office and make eligibility
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