Criminal Justice System Fair Essay

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When puzzling over the Criminal Justice System, i believe regarding three major establishments that method a case from origination, through trial, to penalty.A case begins with the police, they 're in charge of one thing, WHO raisecountless queries about/try to search out the reality a couple of crime and gather events or objects that prove one thing to spot and use against the assumed criminal. The case continues with the court system, that weighs the events or objects that prove one thing to decide/figure out if the person (who is being sued or WHO was sued) is guilty on the far side an affordable doubt. If so, the corrections system can use the means that at their disposal, specifically jailing and probation, to penalize and proper the behavior of the wrongdoer.
Throughout every stage of the method, (agreeing with, or associated with, the Constitution) protections exist to create positive that the rights of the person and
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that the law primarily states they have to guard each subject and therefore the negative aspect of that 's that may|they could|they may} be protected a criminal WHO might causedseveral serious violations. once reading the article is that the Criminal Justice System Fair? By Judith A. Yates this helped Maine perceive why the criminal system is not truthful and told her opinion towards the criminal justice system. The article begins with a date once this atrocious event happened on Gregorian calendar month, 2012. The name of this criminal name was David Johnson, Jr. of Bedford County of Tennessee. In my opinion i might describe this criminal as a felon and a wrongdoer. the rationale why I say this as a result of he control his adult female captive for 3 days,consistently beating, raping, torturing her, and threatening her life. officers referred to as it “The worst case of
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