Criminal Justice Theory

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The theory of criminal justice This theory states that criminal procedures are part and branch of philosophy that focuses on punish those who break the law. There is a strong correlation between criminal procedures and the philosophy of law as well as the morals and ethical standards of society. Criminal law theorists put more emphases on offenses that can be seen as illegal and that warrant criminalization of the activities or events. Thus, most of these theorists believe that there is the need to punish the lawbreakers to set an example to other individuals who may have intentions of following their suit or engaging in legal activities. Some of the activities classified by criminal law theorist as a crime or illegal include murder, rape and…show more content…
In this case, Timothy J. McVeigh was found guilty of bombing the federal building in Oklahoma killing 168 people in the process and injuring almost 4,000 other individuals on April 19th, 1995. However, his trial and that of his three compatriots Michael Fortier and Terry Nichols raised more questions than answers. Timothy had served in the United States Army from 1988 to 1991 where he met his platoon leader Terry Nichols and became great friends. Terry and Timothy had a lot in common especially their conservative and paranoid political views that suited their military careers. After his discharge, he began vocally fighting the federal government over the control of guns and what he believed were conspiracies by the United Nations. After taking his time to make the bomb, Timothy chose the second anniversary of the federal government attack on the Branch Davidians at the right time to strike. However, during his trial, Timothy felt that he was denied due process of the law and his right to trial by an impartial jury that was biased by the negative publicity of the…show more content…
Depending on the outcome of the procedures, the population of a country are encouraged to participate is either criminal or noncriminal activities depending on the outcome of these trials. In this case, Timothy and his friends were taken away from the community for the safety and preference f the many after breaking the laws of the United States. Moreover, the theory of criminal justice states that sinners and lawbreakers should be punished according to which was the case of the Oklahoma bombing. After breaking capital offense of first-degree murder, Timothy was punished by being sentenced to death. His friends Michael and Terry were sentenced to imprisonment after withholding information which would have saved the lives of the deceased. The federal government used Timothy as an example to discourage other individuals from participating in criminal activities. Moreover, through criminal procedures, the accused and the complaint are served with justice and
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