Criminal Justice: What Does Gratitude Means

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Gratitude is defined as an expression of thankfulness to someone for a benevolent action or gesture that benefits the recipient. Those who readily appreciate the kindnesses of others often show appreciation through their words or actions because they feel gratitude. People can express gratitude both voluntarily and involuntarily if they recognize others’ gestures as favors. “The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings” (Beecher). A distinction between genuine gratitude and flattery exists. Gratitude emerges from thankful heart with a heartfelt message from one person to another, but seemingly it has transformed into a generated emotion that for illustration of thankfulness…show more content…
They realize that they actually serve a purpose that extends above and beyond themselves. Policemen put their lives on the lines every day in the society as part of their job. It appears in the wider society that the security officer works only to earn a living for themselves; hence, an appreciation for the Security Officer does not seem apparent. More so, many times, people do not even obey the security officers who’s responsible for their security. For example, if a Police Officer stops a driver for speeding on the road, the driver would rather the officer release them. This develops into negative tendency towards that on-duty officer. Whereas, the driver should exhibit gratitude for the officer for doing their job. Officers keep the roads safe for…show more content…
Having said this, the purpose of showing gratitude is not to actually appreciate the deed of the kind person, but to encourage them in repeating that act over and over again to gain more appreciation. At this point, appreciation becomes another form of compensation; that one earns and then gets old unless a person earns it again. For example, when a person asks for help from another person in a matter and the second person obliges, and then the first person would show utter gratitude towards the second person so that the helper feels appreciated and thinks of the act of helping the other person as

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