Criminal Law And Morality In Society

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Undoubtedly, law exists to protect the rights of the members of a society and to ensure that they do not have to protect those rights through their own actions. I believe, in order to protect the individuals, private lives should be interfered by the law occasionally, considering the requirements of a society. However the most important question about this claim is when law should interfere with the private lives. If law interferes with the private lives more than adequate amount, it means our freedom and our ability to choose are restricted. Then, we have to understand the principle that can be used to determine what part of moral law should be embodied in the criminal law. In a society, the individuals, who are even raised in the same country or family, have different ideas about what is good and what is evil about a single situation. It is impossible to have exactly same ideas, norms and values about all situations even for two people. Therefore we all have different moralities as well. So how should criminal law interfere with the private lives in most correct way? If a person’s behaviors create damage on the others in the society, yes criminal law should step in. Otherwise private immorality should not be the concern of the criminal law. As a representive sample, homosexuality is a criminal offense in some countries which are completely governed by Islam. That is why I am really against it. Why are the people who call themselves homosexual counted immoral or

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