Criminal Law Regulations In Cyprus

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Criminal law is a set of regulations that indicate the actions the society disapproves. A criminal wrong differs from civil wrong. Precisely, a criminal wrong denotes an action that inexcusably and unacceptably threatens or causes damage to individuals or the society. Criminal law focuses on protecting society and discourage criminal acts, by imposing punishments on people conducting these actions. The legal team of Michael Chambers & Co. LLC would like to emphasise that criminal law regulations in Cyprus reflect to a great extend the main principles and major offenses of the English Common Law. Moreover, the Cyprus Criminal Law has influences from the French Penal Code and other continental European Criminal
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Following the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, every individual charged with an offense is considered as being innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, the prosecution must prove that the accused individual is guilty by providing reasonable evidence. Nevertheless, in some cases, the burden of proof may fall on the defense side. In addition, it should be highlighted that criminal responsibility and/or sanctions are imposed only if there is a clear criminal intention. That is to say, the mental state of the accused is taken into consideration. Furthermore, the detention of an individual without his or her will and without a lawful arrest is regarded as unlawful and an interference with citizen’s constitutional right to…show more content…
Criminal proceedings require the immediate involvement of experienced and dedicated lawyers. The experienced lawyers of Michael Chambers& Co. LLC may provide you with an adequate and immediate assistance. Moreover, the legal team of Michael Chambers& Co. LLC may advise parties from the initial stages of police investigation to preparation for the trial, right through to appealing a decision.
Our criminal justice lawyers are able to undertake any type of criminal case, from the simplest to the most complicated. Except for general crime law, our legal team has a great experience acting on behalf of individuals and companies that have been investigated or accused of business crimes. Our team has an expertise in this area of practice. Hence, the team of Michael Chambers& Co. LLC may provide a proper legal advice regarding fraud cases, regulatory offenses, money laundering

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