Criminal Procedure And Probable Cause And Criminal Justice Process

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Criminal Procedure and Probable Cause
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Criminal Procedure and Probable Cause
Criminal procedure is a broad term that encompasses the various rules and regulations that governs and guides the manner in which courts process criminal cases. The set of rules and laws that make up criminal procedure are all geared towards ensuring that the constitutional rights of defendants and criminals have been protected during the entirety of the criminal justice process which includes investigation, arrests, plea bargaining, trials, and sentencing. Probable cause, on the other hand, is a criminal law concept that refers to the requirement that law enforcement officials should have sufficient reason to be able to make arrests, seize property, or conduct a search with regard to an alleged crime. It is a situation where an officer has evidence that is trustworthy and sufficient to make a reasonable person justify an arrest or a search (Carmen, & Hemmens, 2016). This paper examines a real case scenario to determine the requirements for probable cause and criminal procedure.
The Case The article by Geuss (2017) details the arrest of Oliver Schmidt, a Volkswagen executive. Schmidt, a former emission compliance executive for the Volkswagen company was arrested was arrested during vacation in Miami over the emission scandal. The former emission compliance executive was arrested for allegedly being a central figure in the

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