Criminal Profiling And Criminal Profiling

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First of all, do you know that what is offender profiling? Offender profiling has been defined by different authors using different terminologies such as specific profile analysis, psychological profiling, criminal profiling and criminal personality profiling. However, the underlying concept of definitions remains the same (Jackson and Bekerian, 1997). Beauregard, Lussier and Proulx (2005) state that offender profiling provides some descriptive information about behaviors and personality of an offender by analyzing crime scene characteristics, which can narrow suspects and finally solve the cases. Muller (2000) describes the information which the criminal profiler uses is often taken from the scene of crime, and profilers will take into account…show more content…
They will watch the CCTV or use the scientific evidence to identify criminals, such as DNA profiling and fingerprint profiling. Forensic scientists can use DNA at a crime scene to identify a matching DNA of an individual, such as a perpetrator. This process is formally termed DNA profiling, but may also be called "genetic fingerprinting". The development of forensic science and the ability to now obtain genetic matching on minute samples of blood, skin, saliva or hair has led to a re-examination of a number of cases. Also, human fingerprints are exhaustive, assumed to be nearly unique, hard to change and durable over the life of an individual, making them suitable as long-term markers of human identity. When a person's finger touches to the product, usually remain fingerprints on the product, and fingerprints will not increase the friction, most of these fingerprints on criminology, forensic psychologist deemed as evidence. Fingerprint rebuilding from the crime scene is an important way of forensic science. In crime Investigation, it can compare suspect’s fingerprint with the fingerprint of crime scene, crime scene reconstruction. Police can arrest the offender as soon as…show more content…
However, no offender profiler is always one hundred percentages is correct. For example, what does a medical doctor do? A medical doctor helps heal the sick. What is the role of a medical doctor? A medical doctor exercises medicine. No medical doctor can ensure that he can help you for your sickness to be healed. Moreover, medical doctors cannot even ensure that they would not make you worse off! Why is that? Why, if medicine is a science, will a medical doctor not write out an agreement stating that with a certain course of therapy, you will be one hundred percentages cured? It is because though medicine is a science, doctors practice it based on their expertise. It is work the same method of offender profiling. It may not always be one hundred percentages true, but the work based on the experts seeing thousands of cases, their years of experience, and using their professional knowledge. Offender profiling is merely one of many tools for police to investigate the offender. Sometimes it can help police to narrow the focus point during their investigation. Many times it can help police to restate what detectives already know. Research done by profilers has helped police focus in on the right suspects in murder cases. Also, profilers provide detectives with interviewing tips designed specifically for a suspect being questioned. These help elicit information that may not have otherwise been

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