Criminal Psychology: Ology And Criminal Mind

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ology and criminal minds
The brain is an organ that is mind boggling and mysterious. It is a marvel how therapists can work on such thing that does not give you physical evidence. Regardless of the possibility those researchers look inside the cerebrum, as during surgical examination or amid an operation, all they see is grey matter (the mind). Considerations, cognizance, feelings, recollections, dreams, perceptions, and so forth can't be seen physically, similar to a skin rash or heart imperfection. Specialists say that the way to deal with brain research is not that to different other field of sciences.. For a physicist, the raw data comes from atoms and electrons but a psychologist gets his/her raw data from the human behavior.
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Criminal psychology:

A criminal psychology is a subject that focuses on the study of the behaviors and thoughts of criminals like why did they murder someone? What was the reason behind it?. People have become curios about this subject and in this career field, which has grown dramatically in recent years thanks to a number of popular television programs that depict fictionalized criminal psychologists, such as such as Criminal Minds and CSI. The field is highly related to forensic psychology and in some cases the two terms are used interchangeably. But there is a huge difference between these two fields.
Duties of a criminal psychologist

Crime Analysis (AKA Intelligence
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The procedure of case linkage includes analyzing the behaviors of the offender in some specific circumstance (as indicated by the victim report, if accessible, or as derived from the crime scene), and comparing the information with the similar from the database. On the off chance that matches are found, for example the same weapon was utilized in both the crime scenes , the threats used to harm the victim were similar or the violations carried out in a nearby geographical area – this gives the police basis to explore the possibility that crimes committed by the same offender.
Offender Profiling
There is a absence of the standard agreement of the solid meaning or definition of Profiling, even in academic circles. What we can say for sure is that the end product of Offender Profiling is creating a psychological, and not only psychological portrait of the offender. Criminal psychologist utilizes the data from the crime scene to reach the result about the individual's nature, which carried out the crime. The conclusions must offer the answers to the questions such as, how was the wrongdoing arranged, or would it say it was impulsive, under strong emotional circumstances? What is the estimated age of the crime? Is the criminal liable to live near the crime scene or will he visit again? What is the sex of the offender? These sorts of data are very helpful for the investigators and assist them with trying
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