Criminal Thinking Errors Examples

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When it comes to criminals, and their thinking errors, there are multiple. These thinking errors, are ways criminals think, that is contrary to the typical way of thinking. There are ten thinking errors that are expressed the first of which include closed channel thinking. This is when criminals won’t let anyone or anything inside your own personal bubble of how criminals view themselves, yet will openly point out the faults of other people. While the victim stance which is another criminal thinking error view themselves as the victim that they can do absolutely no wrong. Viewing themselves as a good person is the third, which is basically being a bully to everyone around them. The fourth is lack of effort, consisting of unwilling to do anything…show more content…
Fear is the seventh criminal error, when the criminal themselves have fear and refuses to admit the theme of the fear. While power thrust is when criminals are compelled to control the situation. Continuing types of criminal errors is uniqueness, this is when they believe they are better than others, that because they are who they are, they are entitled to things. Lastly, is when all things, both objects and even people are considered objects, things to possess, this is called the ownership error of criminal thinking. These are the general definitions of the thinking errors, which again are against the typical way of thinking, that is usually only unique to criminals, it is the way that they act, and thus justify their actions. Even though at times people that are not criminals may express these different thinking errors, yet is most often seen in criminals. Each of these different errors, express what a criminal does, whether it is because they are in their own personal bubble, or whether they feel like they are entitled to
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