Criminality And Law: The Relationship Between Law And Morality

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The relationship between morality and law Morality comes from one 's own culture and religion. It right and wrong are based on one 's own conscience and they are not punished even if they are wrong. On the contrary, the law is formulated by the state and whether or not a person makes mistakes can be measured by law. If the offender is found guilty, the offender must be punished according to the law. Some important ethical behaviours that people frequently make mistakes will be enacted as laws. The state can control people 's behaviour through law and maintain the peace and order of the country. The ethical status is profoundly in rooted in Malaysian society. (Shamrahayu, 2005) Abandoning baby is very immoral. Children must be protected and cultivated. Children have the right to be able to survive and moral teaches that we must take care of and raise them. The abandonment of babies cases occurred because of some of the rural 's young people went to work in cities. Then, associating with urban people without their parent supervision then getting pregnant. Or some young people such as secondary or college students had a sexual relationship then accidentally pregnant. In order to avoid being known by their parents, discriminated by society and because of their inability to raise children, so they decided to abandon their baby. Even though morality does not allow us to abandoned children and people still know that it is wrong, but them against their conscience and continue
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