Homelessness And Criminalization

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The notion that homelessness can be unrooted, rather than controlled, embodies a fundamental shift in expectations that has taken place over the past century. Cleveland and many large cities in the US have plans to uproot homelessness, but housing instability is an accentuated reality. Also, the diversity of the homeless groups, such as veterans, youth, and families, makes tackling the problem difficult. Although ending homelessness is a big challenge, it is not impossible. Meeting the solvable social ill involves interdisciplinary, focused response, and innovation.
It is important to strengthen people and work with them to solve the causes behind their homelessness because they know themselves better than
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In general, the criminalization makes it illegal to sleep, sit, or store personal belongings in the public spaces and in some cases have people who panhandle removed from downtown area and placed in shelters. These practices are common and implemented in several cities around the US. The criminalization is always linked to inhumane treatment of homeless and poor people, however, the policy can be implemented without severe penalties. In Cleveland, trained workers visit encampments and go out under the bridges to help those outside of the service system. A great alternative, would be to force them to be in shelters in order to break their homelessness cycle. Criminalization of homelessness will protect the homeless from the severity of the weather, the substance abuse, and worsening health conditions. The social support and help start from addressing the problems in shelters and…show more content…
It is no longer perceived that homelessness is a problem of the substance abuser, idle, and mentally ill. Homelessness in Cleveland has been greatly affected by several factors that were resulted from severe economic and social situations. A particularly important factor is the lack of affordable housing and the economic situations that influenced the implementation of programs and policies intended to combat the social illness. As the number of the homeless increases, so does the causes of today’s

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