Criminalize Prostitution

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Prostitution is an occupation that involves the exchange of money for sex. Society considers prostitution as the oldest profession. However, the oldest prostitution is without Controversy. Prostitution as with pornography is a divisive debate among feminists. According to Miriam (2005), on one side we have feminists who consider prostitution as a voluntary work and political right. However, there are also feminists who perceive the trade as a form of coercion and institution of male domination and abolishment is in order (p.1). This essay will argue that women are coerced into the job and are subject of male violence and laws should be created to criminalize it. Furthermore, this paper will reflect the prostitution debate between liberal feminists…show more content…
Neither group seeks to criminalize prostitution because it is an affront to heterosexual monogamy and, therefore, dangerous to traditional morality. This latter perspective is more properly attributable to anti-feminist groups. (Freeman, 1989-1990, p.76)
I am of the opinion that radical feminism perspective on prostitution is the best way to perceive it. It confronts the power imbalance between the men who buy sex and the women that sell sex. Unlike radical feminists who that abolishing prostitution is possible, I am of the idea that it is impossible to abolish prostitution in society, so criminalization is the best option. My idea of criminalization is punishing the “johns,” who exploit the women and not the women whose vulnerable position leads them into prostitution. I support Freeman’s (1989-1990) notion that the solution to prostitution requires:
Only broad social and economic reforms, coupled with profound changes in our most deeply entrenched cultural norms, would eliminate the causes of prostitution. Because that amount of structural change is an unrealistic immediate
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There is power imbalance between the men who sell the women for sex (Pimps), the men who buy the sex (johns), and the women who sell the sex (prostitutes). This power imbalance I accept is true for those prostitutes that enter into the sex-work freely. It can be assumed that the johns exploit prostitutes either by refusing to wear condoms when requested or not paying the full price of their contract. This example shows that women who are economically vulnerable even if with the consent to enter into the business willingly faces male domination because their financial status limits their choice in johns and their choice in profession. A public statement by Space international (2008) adequately explains the oppression of prostitutes by johns. It states,
Prostitution is abusive and exploitative sexual violence against humans, and most often women and girls, carried out by other humans, usually grown men, who are in position of relative racial and financial privilege to the human beings whom they buy for sexual use and
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