Criminalizing Prostitution Essay

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The criminalization of Prostitution has not decreased or stopped its prevalence in the U.S; in fact, all it has done is added more risk factors to the profession. Humans have exchanged money and goods for sex, for thousands of years. In fact, prostitution is one of the worlds oldest professions. Prostitution is even depicted in texts as early as the bible. Exchanging money for sex was never frowned upon until recently, when in the early 20th century, U.S Health Officials blamed them for transmitting diseases. Since then the modern view of prostitutes has taken a path for the worse; they are now seen as a group of outcasts roaming and committing transgression. Criminalizing prostitution has only brought upon violence, an increase in sex trafficking, a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and an increased prevalence in rape. If U.S Legislators attempted to pass a law to legalize prostitution, that would bring us one step closer to solving these issues. There are 27.3 rape incidents per 100,000 citizens in…show more content…
Victims, mostly females are lured into a job interview, or a promising relationship with a man, and then sold off into sex slavery. The victim is often held captive and unable to have any freedom or say in what they do; it is modern day slavery. One of the main reasons this happens is because prostitution is illegal virtually everywhere in the U.S, and crooks and corrupt minded people see the money opportunity available with prostitution, however, it must be done in an illegal way. Sex slavery and human trafficking would be significantly reduced if prostitution was legal, it would not be completely obliterated, however it would not be as common. Prostitution itself being legal, would bring in billions of dollars itself, so the corrupt people who pay for the trafficking, would start to lose business everywhere because legal brothels would be making so much

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