Four Categories Of Crime Essay

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Crime can be defined as 'an unlawful act punishable by a state '(Crime,2015). In other words crime is a violation of the law. Criminology is very important when it comes to looking at and investigating crime. It helps us to understand crime and its various different aspects, it looks at forms of behaviour sanctioned by criminal law. Criminologists study the field of criminology in order to find different techniques for measuring crime such as rates/trends. This is what we are going to be discussing throughout this piece.
Crime is prevalent in Ireland in both urban and rural areas. There are many different types of crime but generally they fall into four main categories depending on the nature and are defined by criminal law. These four categories are Personal(rape, assault), Property( Burglary, robbery), Inchoate(attempted robbery) and Statutory Crime(alcohol related crimes).
When it comes to crime it is very important to understand the nature of the crime and whether it is of serious or minor in nature. This refers to indictable and non-indictable crimes and is determined by the Irish Crime Classification System (ICCS). Rates and trends in crime vary from place to place, in other words crime may be more prevalent in one part of Ireland compared to another. Unfortunately criminal activity is on-going in all societies whether they are
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'. There have been many different theories and ideas put forward relating to this question. Cesare Lombroso(1870s) an Italian Criminologist came up with the idea that people were born biologically criminal. He focused on the idea that criminals could be identified by their own anatomical features. Lombroso looked at the following anatomical features; the shape of the skull, forehead, size of the individuals jaw and arm length. Other theories look at the body frame whether it be big or small. Those with big frames being more likely to involve themselves in criminal
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