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Due to my increasing interest in the study of crime, its effect and the way society responds to certain aspects and phenomena in criminal activity. I am intrigued in the influence that growing up in a certain community can have on the likelihood of a person becoming involved in crime. Equally fascinating, and something I feel a personal involvement in, is how individuals can grow up in an area with a high crime rate, such as Hackney where I live and not be influenced. Studying criminology will give me a critical outlook of reasons crimes are committed and also give me a strong grounding for my future career that I have aspired towards since I was young.
Studying Psychology at A-Level, I have developed a profound interest in the study of human
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My strengths in communication with and encouragement of younger cadets earned me the role of team leader which I have been fulfilling for 7 months now. In May 2013, I was nominated and received a Jack Petchey Award for my outstanding dedication to my cadet service. Through Cadets I completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which helped me to develop my leadership skills. This included a residential in The Gambia where I worked with the charity “Bikes2Gambia” who repair and construct bicycles. The work of Bikes2Gambia has enabled local people to improve their living standards and has made me open my eyes to what can be achieved when a whole community comes together. I hope to take forward this vision in my future career, supporting communities to live fulfilled lives in safety. Furthermore, several positions of responsibility at school have enabled me to develop my skills in a range of situations. As a sixth form peer mentor for year 7 students, I helped the year 7s develop literacy skills. Also as a school prefect, I had a privileged position to oversee changes made for the student body; I am looking forward to continuing an active role at

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