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I would love to study Criminology potentially with Psychology at University as the human mind intrigues me and my passion for learning about it far exceeds college qualifications. I want to further my studies and learn about how a criminal thinks in depth and what 'criminal behaviour ' is. From my own research, I have found that the basic definition is 'an act that violates public law '. An area of Criminology and/or Psychology that really sparks my interest is the excuses and defences people make to get their convictions reduced or dropped. For example, the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson in 1981, where he murdered his landlord in a gruesome fashion in the US. However, his family believed he was possessed by the devil or an evil spirit.…show more content…
I have visited my local courts in my town a few times, 'Horsham County and Family Courts ' and I have watched several cases. This has really helped me work out what I want to do with my future and which career path I want to go down after University. My A Levels have taught me more than just the subject 's syllabus, they have also taught me life skills along the way. English has taught me to be punctual, precise and taught me how to work well with a group of people, this is because of the various coursework deadlines and group analysis tasks. Psychology and Law have made it easier for me to work independently as I 've had to do a lot of research in my own time out of class. I have also had a job delivering papers for the local newsagents, and this has made me a very reliable, loyal and trusted person, as I was in charge of delivering newspapers and I also had to file and sort the newspapers I would be delivering to certain customers. Lastly, my interests and hobbies have helped me become more self-confident and motivated to achieve great things in my future. My interests include going to the gym, socialising with my friends, reading and/or watching films. I 'm a sociable person, and anything that includes spending time with friends and new people excites me, as I know it will help my confidence and help me settle into university a

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