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As a Crisis Intervention Specialist for a law enforcement agency, I am a first responder to victims of crime who are in crisis. I became involved in this case when a deputy who received a call for service from a guidance counselor who was reporting sexual abuse of a sixteen-year-old tenth grader at a local high school. The deputy contacted me to respond to the call with him. The guidance counselor reported that the student had been raped multiple times a day since her thirteenth birthday by her uncle with whom she lives with. Once we arrived, I met with the tenth grade student who I will call Amanda for this paper.

Amanda was born to young unmarried drug addicted parents. Amazingly, she does not have any disabilities physically or mentally and made straight As in school until she was twelve years old. At the age of three, Amanda’s mother did
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There are too many children who age out of the system who have never been taught how to manage themselves. Most of them have been moved from place to place who have never had a job. Once they are on their own, they do not know how to manage money, obtain insurance, or even something as simple as getting a driver’s license. All children who age out of the foster care system in Florida are guaranteed a college education. Sadly, most of them drop out as they are unable to support and manage themselves appropriately.

The treatment plan for Amanda will be a plan to fulfill her dream of becoming a physical therapist. Outlining the plan for her to go to college will assist me in leading Amanda in the right direction, allows me to collaborate with Amanda on her dreams, and allow us to identify progress. I have worked with Amanda by helping her identifying her goal, focusing on her strengths by showing her all she has overcome throughout her life, and guiding her in the decision making

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