Crisis Intervention: Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Crisis Intervention comes in many forms but mental illness or brain injury is by the most unpredictable according to media outlets. This is a false statement based on inaccurate facts and misconceptions, because many organizations have a mission or treatment plans for individuals who deal with traumatic brain injuries. For example, “The Center for Community Independence in Boston, MA area, creates individual, community-based brain injury rehabilitation and supported living programs. Established in 1994 by professionals in the field of brain injury rehabilitation, the Center for Community Independence has provided rehabilitation services to hundreds of individuals who have sustained brain injuries” (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REHABILATION…show more content…
To illustrate these examples, some clients may suffer from depression, bipolar disorders, or anxiety. If a client suffers from depression, then their personalized care would be therapeutic therapy. In addition, if a client suffers from bipolar disorders or anxiety the best way to treat those individuals may be to provide strong social support environment that regulate their moods. This can be done through recreational activities such as a baseball game or a walk with the clients. “Licensed professionals can address their clients’ specific physical, occupational, psychological and cognitive deficits to develop an individual plan to formulate a plan or services. Medical specialists are integrated into this unique client-specific model to provide optimum personalized care and services for each individual” (Center For Community Independence, About Center for Community Independence, Para 1). CCI as a social service organization must provide critically care or a crisis intervention plan to combat traumatic brain injuries in their…show more content…
Staff is supposed to help clients make good decisions but we do not force clients to do things and we do not encourage clients’ bad behavior from brain relate injuries” (Gabi Kelley, November 25, 2015). As CCI is a social service organization it promotes equality, opportunities, and health care. Their primary goal is to help their clients who suffer from brain injuries, to help them integrate into society and their communities. In doing so they can break the “mold” that all mentally ill individuals are violent and remove false information from the public perception. "Although studies suggest a link between mental illnesses and violence, the contribution of people with mental illnesses to overall rates of violence is small, and further, the magnitude of the relationship is greatly exaggerated in the minds of the general population (Institute of Medicine, 2006, Mental Health Reporting, Para 1). This study from the Institute of Medicine supports CCI as a social service organization that it is fighting to make a difference for brain traumatic

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