Crisis Interventionist Essay

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A crisis is a stressor which can happen to anyone at any period of time. When an individual is faced with a situation and does not know how to handle, a crisis arises. Personal difficulties and experiences which are intolerable are some examples individuals faced in a crisis. This form of difficulty often exceeds an individual coping mechanism which can imposed danger in an individual. My client, Ms Linda is a supervisor at a prestigious hospital for over ten years. His mother passed away several days ago due to old age. Ms Linda feels remorse and overwhelmed. She pointed out that she experience difficulties going to sleep at night and prefers to be alone. She would isolate herself from people. On several occasions she will wake up in middle…show more content…
He will assist and implement realistic action steps for his clients. Some individuals are trapped in a crisis situation and do not know how to overcome it. To help clients pass through their current crisis, a Crisis Interventionist guides them through their intense feelings by providing an attachment in reality and provides support. It is important for a Crisis Interventionist to engage in active listening and avoid asking “why” questions as these may imply blaming or accusing a client. Crisis interventionist may conduct assessments or refer clients to a medical doctor or psychiatrist if he feels that their symptoms are treatable and may need medical assistance. There are six steps in a crisis intervention model. Listening skills and the acting support strategies is an essential. Step one, involves defining a problem. A Crisis Interventionist listens to clients and conduct visual assessments, such as a Triage Assessment. He will try to understand his client’s situation and point of view. This enables him to identify a problem, example; a death situation. My client, Ms Linda is coping with the lost her mother. She feels very depressed all the time and feels controlled to this crisis situation. When asked about her mother’s departure, she exhibits anger and
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