Crisis Management Case Study

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According to (Kelley, H.H. 1980) "A number of articles have been written about crisis management issues by researches and practitioners in diverse type of developments and environments which make it difficult to understand and becomes an objective to the public". Crisis management tends to be a very vital and a demanding function of the organization. Deficiency might have a crucial harmful outcome to the businesses, it 's misadventures as well as the associates, this might even end lifespan of the business. Public relations practitioners are known to be a very essential
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The franchise should have faced the public and provided the real issue behind the crisis. In this situation of crisis, social constructions and multiple truths of events simultaneously seek public attention. The franchise, consumers together with the employees and the media are the key stakeholders for crisis management. (Claeys, A. and Cauberghe, X.S. 2012) references that “The case of Domino Pizza in particular had watchdog organizations such as and that were constructing the event versions”.
Tim McIntyre, the company communication vice president should have sent out a statement stating that the event was or is stage managed and it was a rogue act of two employees who thought they were creating fun and that they did not present the Domino’s pizza brand correctly. In the case of Domino’s pizza a public apology was going to calm and reduce the amount of negative opinions and increased positive and facts. They should respond with a quick reaction, apology and admit the mistakes
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Its response came a few days after the YouTube posting, as the company met the miscreants on their own turf with a YouTube video response from CEO Patrick Doyle. In it, he apologized for the incident, thanked the online community for bringing it to the company 's attention, chastised the now-former employees, and outlined steps that Domino 's was taking to deal with the issue. The franchise was supposed to temporarily shutter the restaurant so it could be sanitized. All of those steps are essential to an effective crisis management
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