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Activating Crisis Management Team

The crisis management team may be convened at any time at the discretion of the team coordinator. Any member of the team is independently authorized to begin carrying out the duties of his or her role on the team should the crisis situation prevent the team from convening or communicating effectively with one another. Each member of the team is equipped with cell phones and contact information to expedite immediate communication.

Crisis Management Team Initial Activities
Once convened, the crisis management team will
Immediately consider which other individuals may need to be added to the team to manage the crisis at hand
Review details of the crisis
Determine further/ongoing crisis management and response activities
Identify target
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Response Plans should be consistent with and included within the overall BCP.

Contact Information
Contact information for personnel assigned to crisis management and incident response teams should be included in the plans. Personal information such as unlisted phone numbers and home addresses should be protected. The bank should establish procedures to ensure that the information is kept up to date. Consideration should be given to a BCP software tool (Stohl LDRPS) that supports effective change management

Implementing an action plan
Ensuring that the culture of BCM is embedded in the bank. All those associated with the bank need to have confidence in its ability to manage in a crisis. BCM coordinator should:
• assemble Emergency Management/ BCM/ Crisis and Recovery Teams
• implement relevant training programs for each team dependent upon task, including crisis communications/ media training as appropriate
• establish/ equip emergency and crisis

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