Masculinity Crisis

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Given male privilege permeates all aspects of society do recent accounts of ‘crisis of masculinity’ really matter?

The crisis of masculinity is most commonly known as the loss of traditional masculine value and control within organizations, as job roles have become diversified with the emergence and success of women within the workplace, who sometimes succeed men, in their places of traditional power in masculine positioned organisations. As men have always been in positions of power within industries designed to suit their way of simply being, in recent decades they have felt a tiny loss of control within their own environment which has speculated that there is a matter of crisis for all men, as women are taking roles and performing well
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This has caused hostility bringing fourth the crisis of masculinity of which suggests that men can not be what they are duly to women’s succession in the work place as there has been somewhat of a role reversal as women are becoming bread winners and looking after their families which was the man’s job and sole purpose to provide for his family. Where as now some men are taking on motherly roles such as staying home and looking after the home and children. This is seen as a emasculating predicament as men feel as though they are not able to be men, which is the hugest issue, as it is so valued to them, and provides a sense of validation even though position within society. However it is a bit ironic that men of today feel that they are in crisis when they still hold the top positions within organization…show more content…
Male privileges
Dynamic process
Org culture
Leadership styles
Democratic theories excluding women

The idea of male privilege being in crisis draws on the idea of equal opportunies (E.O.) which is the right of which me

In terms of male privilege it Is evident that men have the most within organizations this is shown through their easy advancements to top management compared to female advancement, particularly on entry into organizations it is known that

Kanter( 1977) focused on the ideas of visibility and skewed groups also known as tokenism : which is within organizations, the theory of visibility draws on

William and Acker theory of women
Sexism in hiring
Glass ceiling
Men climbing to higher positions quicker
Pay act

Gendered organizations

1. Goodley, S. (2014). Gender pay gap: female bosses earn 35% less than male colleagues. Available: Last accessed 15 December
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