Crispin By Avi: Summary

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Crispin by Avi Crispin is a 1 year old boy who is fleeing from his old life and town. He has been declared a wolf’s head which means he can be killed by anyone. So he flees from his old town of Stromford. On his way he meets a juggler named Bear, who tricks Crispin into being his servant. However, bear is kind man and teaches Crispin and treats him well. They reach the great city of Wexley, and they meet a former friend of Bear, Widow Daventry. She lets them stay in her tavern. Things start to fall apart when Crispin finds out that Bear is actually a spy. Soldiers capture Bear and ransack the entire tavern in an attempt to find Crispin. He then finds out he has royal blood and understands why people want him dead. Then Crispin sets off on an extremely dangerous mission to rescue bear and escape. On this mission he comes face to face with many life or death experiences, including facing off John Aycliffe himself. Crispin is a 13 year old boy with a big heart. He is extremely…show more content…
In the book, Crispin would of had to work hard all day, every day, for his entire life in the fields and doing other hard labor. It also gave a very detailed description of what an important position it was to be the Lord of an area, because in the book it was talked about how much land Lord Furnival owned and because so many people wanted Crispin dead. This is how the book gave such a good view into what feudalism was like in Medieval England. I Think That my favorite part of Crispin was when he went on the rescue mission to help bear escape. I really liked this part because it was filled with suspense and surprises, from unexpected show-ups too surprising actions from characters. I was rooting for Crispin, although I knew that John Aycliffe would find some sneaky way to try and kill Crispin and bear as soon as they got to the
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