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From the book Crispin the Cross of Lead by Avi, the 13 year old protagonist Crispin started off as a runaway from his home in Stromford Village after his mother died because he was wrongly accused of thievery, thus resulting in him being declared a wolf’s head. While on the run Crispin met Bear, who challenged him, protected him, and taught him. In the end, Crispin’s new self was challenged as he risked his life to save Bear in Great Wexley. Throughout the story Crispin matures tremendously, starting off as timid and sinful, then growing to question his background and be more courageous, and finally becoming free and brave. Crispin began the start of the story as a fearful and cowardly young boy. He had always believed there was a sin in him…show more content…
Bear taught Crispin so much, such as how to do silly activities, like juggling, but also how to make his own decisions and to be his own master. This new way of life was so bizarre and new for Crispin because he had come from nothing of the sort. “He rushed at me with so many new and strange ideas that I could not grasp them all” (87). There were so many ideas that Crispin could not even embrace and accept all of them. It took him some time to transform into what Bear taught him to be. From juggling to questioning the powerful, Crispin had much to learn from Bear. Along with the new ideas, Bear brought him a sense of fatherly protection that Crispin had not had before. “You’ve been protecting me,” I said, “Maybe I should be protecting you”(195). Bear taught and cared for Crispin greatly, and Crispin learned to do the same for him as well. Having a parent-like figure that cared for him and taught him to be independent was strange but extremely beneficial to Crispin’s growth as a person. Bear was the main component in transforming Crispin from a shy and timid young boy into an independent and confident man capable of loving Bear like a
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