Crispus Attucks: The Boston Massacure

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Crispus Attucks Do you know who Crispus Attucks is? If you don’t, then maybe you have heard of the Boston massacure. In 1775 this action took place in Boston and this man was a major part of it. He was not only a part of the Boston masacure but a start in a very important war in America. He’s life as a slave and a salesmen will have you interested in the Boston Massacure. Crispus was born into slavery. His father was already a slave, his name was Prince Yogner, and his mother was a Natick Indian given an American name, Nancey Attucks. Him, his mother, and father lived in Framingham Massachusetts outside of Boston. As a young man Crispus was never afraid of the downfalls of being an African American man who was very…show more content…
“Runaway from his master William Brown, Farmingham, Sept.30th. 6’2, African American, last seen in a brown leather coat.” This was on a peace of taxed paper hung on small stores and carts in Farmingham threw Boston. This was the start of his carrier.( Crispus Attucks made his way to Boston. For almost 20 years selling boats and whale vesals in and out of Boston. He also started a new job making rope and harnestes. It was hard to think about a runaway slave could be able to work for a long period of time. But this all changed when tensions rose between the colonies and the British.( As the British tried to take over more colonies, more and more laws were passed and efecting many people, including Crispus Attucks. Bostonians were fed up, tierd of the British coming into their houses unannounced. The coloniest of Boston wanted to take actions into their own hands.( All many people know is that a riat broke out and 5 people payed the price, including Crispus. His life was a very interesting one. Knowing that an African American man could accomplesh so much in 20 years and have so much tributed to him is amazing. Him being the firt person to die stated a war that went on for eight years, the Revalutionary
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