Cristina Rossetti's Goblin Market

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During the Victorian age, men was scarce and few. There was more women than there was men, which made it a buyers market. Men would deceive women to do whatever they wanted and the women will do it to make them more appealing because, they were so desperate to get one of the few men that was around. In the poem the “Goblin Market”, author Cristina Rossetti presents a story of how men are tempting women with fruit and with athat fruit, women are giving up their lives. In the poem the goblins are men and the fruit is a woman’s virginity. In the poem, the Goblins represents this sexual lust. They appear to be selling fruit, but they are really trying to appeal and weaken a woman’s will to not give into their hidden desires , for example when they say ‘’sweet tongue and sound to eye” ( Goblin Market). The Goblins want women’s bodies and souls and the only way they can get their bodies is by giving them the fruit. In the poem the character Laura thinks she can buy the fruit with money , but however what the goblins want is not the money but herself. For example “Buy from us with a golden curl” (Goblin Market). Her golden curl is apart of her and her soul, and with giving them a piece of her hair is like giving them a piece of herself to them. Ones virginity is a piece of you, and with that said , with…show more content…
That kernel is like a seed, a mans seed. In the poem the character Jeanie gave into the Goblins call as well “Do you not remember Jeanie, How she met them in the in the moonlight , took their gifts both choice and many” (Goblin Market). I believe Jeanie took a kernel stone as well and watched it bloom, “ then fell with the first snow” (Goblin Market). Jeanie and Laura are like loved crazed women. They gave up huge part of them selves to a Goblin (man), and wanted something to show for it. So, jeanie got pregnant and died of childbirth and Laura wants to get
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