Cristmas Carol Film Analysis

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Cristmas Carol Drama vs.Christmas Carol movie

The Christmas Carol is a vintage movie that was manufactured in 1984. The movie is about a miser named Scrooge and is haunted by the three spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future all in one night. In the night he learns to being kind and never went back to be his old self-centered ways. The drama also is about the same thing, but without some of the lines and scenes that the movie didn’t have or what the movie had and what the drama didn’t have so it is different in many ways.There are many other ways to show how it is like to be greedy and selfish, but in the movie old Ebenezer Scrooge is always more greedy than the Drama “They owe me money and I will collect. I will have them jailed
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Later the movie has more snow than it was talked about in the play than in the movie. In the movie,Jacob does come he didn’t take off his head like he did in the drama, but he did scream a ghostly scream just like he did in the movie also he didn’t want to go back, or go anywhere since he was tired, but he has been forced to go because of the spirits orders.Past had been a nice kind woman in the movie, but the complete opposite in the drama. He also saw him in the school same as in the movie and drama, then he saw when he was at home and his mom and father and how they were doing.Then they went home and then Present came which were both the same gender, attitude , and distasteful…show more content…
Then Christmas Present takes Scrooge home Scrooge falls asleep for about 2 seconds in the movie although the drama stated that he sleep backward while he didn’t in the movie. Future comes and show him when he dies. His garments and fancy things were stolen by old Joe and a woman, but it had a third person in the drama but not in the movie.Then Future took him to his grave, and discovered that he was going to die soon, and die alone he decided to change his ways ways. then mysteriously came back into his room. It was Christmas day and after all of that he became , After that he asked a boy what day it was day it was,and said it was Christmas,. After that he had told the young boy to get the poultry man to deliver it to Scrooge’s nephew, and he did and after that he went to his nephew 's old broken down house and came to dine with
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