Cristobal Colon Analysis

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The "Discovery" of Cristobal Colon's Mistakes
People are failing to realize that this country - that all Americans call home - was started in a completely wrong way. The United States of America is based on the idea that "I was born into the right family and was born in the right country so, therefore I have a right to have whatever I want to take." The way Cristobal Colon and other explorers wiped out entire tribes with the diseases they brought along with them. If the explorers had other main reasons to explore new lands than gain riches and spread Christianity, then the story of the colonization of America would most likely be very different. The reason Colon left was to reach the Indies, that is why he called the Native Americans, Indians.
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But when they had the dream of living the life lavishly in a new land, they didn't think of themselves going to farm their lands and create wealth, they thought of slaves. Because who would do hard labor in the sun, when you can have other people do it for you for the cost of nothing? The answer to this question and an idea of mine is that, if you have not had a major part in making your wealth, then was the wealth ever truly yours? It's like plagiarism, you can call the work yours, but eventually, a superior minded person will see through the facade and unravel the true worth of your wealth. The ships of Africa come to the Americas and the slave trade of Native Americans and Africans begin. This brings the oppression of entire races into the light for truly the first time in history. This still affects us today in America, a split country because people don't know how to treat other people like other human beings with rights. If we could also bring into light that now, after the election of the new president of the United States of America more and more racist people are publicly showing their views about what they think about people with a different color of
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